+ Why GenY Gypsy? +

mil·len·nial:  A member of the generation born from the early 1980s to late 1990s; a member of Generation Y characteristically known for being multi taskers, tech-saavy, entrepreneurial, conscious, and authentic.

gyp·sy:  a tribe of people found throughout the world who who share a wandering lifestyle usually associated with eclectic trade and mysticism.

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+ What Do I Do? +

I work with entrepreneurial business owners, creators, healers, & leaders who want to make a great living while working barefoot and traveling where they please. My philosophy is simple: In order to design your lifestyle, you have to break down the old structures and build from the bottom up. I specialize in: 

body science & nourishment

personal development & mindset

spirituality & the divine feminine

brand architecture & design

My strategy is holistic because you are a whole person and it doesn't make sense to piece-meal the aspects that make up your authentic being. I use a combination of intuition, my education in business management, and my background in health & wellness to create sustainable programs and systems for people who work hard and work out of LOVE. 


The Crash Course Online


Brand Architecture & Alignment: Work One-On-One


Holistic Nutrition & Rebalancing Accelerator


"Thank you, Bella for all you have done to help me along the journey that is life! In the last six months, I have lost 18.2 pounds (9.2 of those pounds are thanks to working with you.  Even though I'm happy about this, it's not necessarily about the weight loss. I have learned to love myself enough to take care of myself. "

GIRL. You rocked my world today. It was so incredible to see you. Your session was everything I needed to hear right now and so much more. I’m 100% certain you impacted many lives today and your work, along with the perspective you serve with, is going to do the most amazing things for the world.