+ Why GenY Gypsy? +

mil·len·nial:  A member of the generation born from the early 1980s to late 1990s; a member of Generation Y characteristically known for being multi taskers, tech-saavy, entrepreneurial, conscious, and authentic.

gyp·sy:  a tribe of people found throughout the world who who share a wandering lifestyle usually associated with eclectic trade and mysticism.

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+ About The Work +

Bella LaQuatra is an internationally recognized speaker, business consultant, and embodiment mentor who works specifically with women in conscious leadership. Her clientele includes high profile business executives, entrepreneurs, health & wellness professionals, creatives, as well as social influencers.

Her philosophy: Feminine Leadership is definitively different than the masculine counterparts. Most women plateau in their health, personal lives, business, and net worth because they are forcing masculine structures onto their innate authentic feminine expression.

Bella's signature mentorship & accelerator programs focus on these foundational pillars:

body science + nourishment

personal development through belief system evaluation

quantum spirituality + feminine embodiment

brand alignment + design

Bella's strategy is holistic because you are a whole person, and it doesn't make sense to piece-meal the aspects that make up your authentic being. She uses a unique combination of intuition with ten years of spiritual studies, her education in business management, and her background in the health & wellness sciences to create sustainable programs and systems for women who are ready to shift to the next level.


Conscious Commerce: The Crash Course Online


Brand Architecture & Design



Half Hip Hop... Half Monestary.. (She is) so articulate about the work but is also so pop culture and normal. I usually feel like I have to be or act a certain way when I’m doing this type of coaching but with (Bella) I can absolutely just be myself and say whatever is on my mind... She has no kind of pretense or judgement. The real deal.
Somewhere between the magic of Hogwarts & Rumi... There is Bella LaQuatra. Simply a dream for any Lightworker or woman in conscious leadership. Thank you for all of your guidance, the love you pour into what you do, and your grounded and down to earth authenticity.

"Thank you, Bella for all you have done to help me along the journey that is life! In the last six months, I have lost 18.2 pounds (9.2 of those pounds are thanks to working with you.  Even though I'm happy about this, it's not necessarily about the weight loss. I have learned to love myself enough to take care of myself. "

GIRL. You rocked my world today. It was so incredible to see you. Your session was everything I needed to hear right now and so much more. I’m 100% certain you impacted many lives today and your work, along with the perspective you serve with, is going to do the most amazing things for the world.
— A.L., Editor-In-Chief, Influencer, & Blogger
This is so insane...I can already feel such a shift happening and this was only our first session.
— G.F., Life Coach